Launching Chefs Into the Spotlight with Proprietary Spice Blends

In 1988 Chef Tim Ziegler (“Chef Zieg”) learned that no one in the Rocky Mountain Region had the spice and seasoning resources he needed as a chef. It was this frustration that transformed his career from US Marine and chef into spice master.

Now, more than 25 years later, Chef Zieg has brought proprietary spice blends to hundreds of restaurant chefs and gourmet retailers throughout Colorado and beyond. But it’s more than providing access to pure, dynamic flavors. It’s also about creating unique spice blends that give chefs the notoriety they deserve. After all, Chef Zieg is The Chef Behind The Chefs.

In addition to working as a chef’s consultant, he is also the spice master at Denver’s Italco Food Products, Inc., a public speaker, and co-creator of the American Kitchen SPICES Print Series published by American Image. Find out how you could work with Chef Zieg.

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