Salt The Edible Rock Print

Salt The Edible Rock Print

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A customer favorite! Salt, the world’s only edible rock, is found all over the world in varying color and flavor. This stunning print speaks to the origin and best uses for a range of the world’s finest salts that you will want to display in your home or restaurant. Highlighted salts include Black Sea salt, Applewood Smoked sea salt, Utah rock salt, Flower of Bali salt, Maldon sea salt and more.

As informative as they are beautiful, these full-color prints are just as suitable as artwork in a home as they are as a teaching tool to restaurant staff and make an excellent gift for a chef, home cook, foodie or student of the craft.

 – Print by Chef Tim Ziegler & Brian Keating.

 – Photography by James Beard Award-winning chef and photographer, Lois Ellen Frank, and Bay-Area photographer Bob Montesclaros.

 – Printed on 100# premium matte finish cover stock (art quality) with an aqueous coat.

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